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  6. UCGConferences have different categories of certification, kindly select the certification category at your convenience.

Note: CME & CPD Hours are not included with the Speaker or Delegate or Poster Certifications.

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September 15, 2021

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October 15, 2021


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Unified Citation Journals_UC Journals

Unified Citation Journals is a platform for the latest discoveries in Technology, Science, engineering, medicine, medical clinical, and advancing discoveries and health. We at Unified Citation Journals ensure the advancement of healthcare and improve performance for the benefit of humanity.

Unified Citation Journals empowers and publish scientific research work. We will be including special issues and symposia papers in related journals from all over the world. Apart from publishing, we also promote upcoming books covering different fields of science, medicine, engineering, technology, etc. Unified Citation Journals help Authors, Publishers, and Distributors, in growing their business multifold.

Speakers/E-Presentation/Live Presentation- Present your abstract, research work, summary, case report, medical reports, workshops, as per the NHPSUCG2021 Abstract Template and proceed with the registration and confirm your speaker spot.

Delegate/Listener/Viewer/Attendee- To hear the presentations, register and confirm your delegate spot.

E-Poster/Online Poster- Submit your Poster as per the NPSUCG Guidelines and proceed with the register, as soon as you register, your poster will be live on our website.

Co-Authors- If Co-authors wants to attend the conference kindly proceed further with the registration.

What is an E-Poster and its benefits?
A Virtual Poster (Electronic Presentation) / Digital Poster is a digital presentation of the research, case studies in a Word/PDF format.

What is the E-Presentation and its benefits?
Virtual Presentation sessions are the virtual presentation of different topics of interest. One can present their research work in front of the global delegation virtually.

What is a Delegate or a listener or an Attendee?
If you are wondering how to attend the conference in this pandemic situation, we have come up with online attendance. You can attend all the conference sessions of the NPSUCGG as a listener virtually.

What is the difference between CPD and CME?

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is the process of lifelong learning where physicians acquire—through formal and informal education and their practice—the skills, knowledge, and attitude that they need to maintain the ability to practice and the competence to provide effective patient care. It is not only about medical knowledge.)

CME (Continued Medical Education) is mostly focused on medical knowledge and the physician’s medical expert role and consists of educational activities that serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance and relationships that a physician uses to provide services for patients, the public, or the profession.

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  • Live Sessions
  • One on One meet with Experts and Investors on Demand.
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Hear about the latest research
  • Engage in High-level debates & Q/A
  • Networking for future collaboration
  • Publication of abstracts on our Website
  • Add Research Value
  • Networking Sessions

To get an invitation letter and accommodation letter with your travel notification documentation (Cover Letter).

Please register above by selecting the appropriate registration type and avail yourself of the benefits and assistance to get a UAE Visa.

Applying for the UAE visa includes a sequence of events and documentation in between yourself and the designated Embassy, in this case, the UAE Embassy in your home country. Between handing in the proper documentation and getting an answer.

    1. Ask the embassy to provide you with a checklist of the required documents for the visa type you wish to apply to visit Dubai or UAE Countries.
      List of UAE Countries: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain.
    2. Fill the application form with correct and true information and obtain the required documents for your UAE visa process.
    3. Appoint an interview at the UAE embassy in your country of residence. The earliest you can schedule the appointment is 3 months prior to your trip.
    4. Pay the UAE visa fee and save the receipt in order to show it later to the consular officer during the interview.
    5. Show up on time at the embassy for your meeting with all the required documents arranged in the given order. The meeting will last around ten minutes, during which the consular officer will look at your documents and ask you a few questions regarding your background and the purpose of your trip to Dubai or UAE Countries.
  • Package A: Conference Registration, 2 Nights Accommodation, Coffee break, Lunch during the conference, Proceeding Kit, DOI, Presentation/Participation Certificate, City tour, and many more Benefits
  • Package B: Conference Registration, 3 Nights Accommodation, Coffee break, Lunch during the conference, Proceeding Kit, DOI, Presentation/Participation Certificate, City tour, and many more Benefits.
  • Package C: Conference Registration,4 Nights Accommodation, Coffee break, Lunch during the conference, Proceeding Kit, DOI, Presentation/Participation Certificate, City tour, and many more Benefits.
  • We can provide city tours on Day 5 of the conference (Included in Packages only)
  • Unlimited Dubai City tour, 1hr boat tour (if selected), Panoramic views of the city.
  • No other mode of payment can be accepted or initiated from any 3rd party transaction.
  • All the participants should confirm their participation by registering 60 days prior to the conference date. So that UCG can make the arrangements with ease and time.
  • The UCG reserves the right to make alterations to the program, date and/or venue at any time without prior notice.
  • Attendees are responsible for checking this important information prior to the conference. We advise to keep checking the website for the latest updates of our conferences.
  • Registrations for the conference remain valid if the event has to be postponed.
  • The UCG will not accept any liability for personal injuries or for loss or damage to property belonging to the delegates, either during, or as a result of the conferences.
  • The UCG reserves the right and holds the sole discretion to cancel any conference at any time in case of any unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances.
  • In the event of cancellation, the UCG will use reasonable and suitable alternative arrangements such as posting the cancellation news on the appropriate conference website to alert or inform those who have booked or purchased tickets to attend the event.
  • The registrations with discounted prices are transferable to another person but not refundable at any point of time.
  • Non-Refundable

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